The Chef Next Door
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The Chef Next Door
An ordinary home – in an ordinary neighborhood – in an ordinary town…
with an extraordinary cook living right next door.

This is what is all about: showcasing “chefs” in and around your neighborhood, who may not wear a white chef’s hat, but who are considered chefs just the same, for their knowledge of certain techniques and recipes that keep their friends and families coming back for more.

I created after years of watching celebrity chefs on television, and saying to myself, “who has the time to do all that?” I am not a celebrity chef. I’m not even a celebrity. But what I am is a very good cook. I’ve been cooking since the age of 12, and what started as a way to help out at home, soon grew into a love affair with food and the art of food preparation and presentation…not to mention taste!

The chefs showcased on are executive assistants, husbands, teachers…neighbors that fill our lives with good food, and enjoy sharing their love for its preparation.

In this website you will find four sections:
  • Can’t Boil Water – aptly named for those who can’t. But no worries – you just haven’t been taught yet.
  • Can Nuke a Mean Dinner – for those whose experience is limited to a microwave.
  • I’m the Cook in the Family – for those who are called for every family reunion or party.
  • Help Me Save Money – this last section is devoted entirely to money-saving ideas, since none of us enjoys paying more than is necessary to put a good meal on the table.

I will also have a blog for questions and comments that I will update regularly. Talk to me!  Email me at!

So the next time you’re out and about, take the time to explore –
You never know where you’ll find The Chef Next Door!

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